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"Flower Pot"

Origin: America, Pennsylvania, Westtown
7 5/8" x 9 3/16" (19.4 cm. x 23.3 cm.)
Earthenware, red, lead-glazed, slip and copper-oxide decoration
Gift of Beatrix T. Rumford
Acc. No. 1983.900.1
Earthenware flower pot of bulbous form over splayed foot pierced at center bottom. Rim is turned over in a decorative scalloped edge, while beneath it an incised inscription reads horizontally around the pot with additional incised calligraphic decoration beneath words "Elizabeth" and "Canby". Glaze clear lead streaked with green.
Label:Incised script running horizontally beneath the upper scalloped edge reads "Elizabeth Canby Brandywine 11th MO 21st 1825." In 1803, James Canby (1781-1858) married Elizabeth Roberts (1781-1868), the original client or recipient of this pot. "Brandywine" was the name of the Canby family home in Wilmington, Delaware. The date inscribed on the pot is believed to be the date the pot was made, as it does not coincide with any dates of identified family significance. Originally the pot probably had a separate saucer with a ruffled edge similar to that seen on the upper rim of this piece.
Provenance:Elizabeth Roberts Canby (1781-1868), Wilmington, Del.; to her daughter Elizabeth M. Canby Rumford (1848-1933); to her son Lewis Rumford (1877-1961); to his nephew Lewis Rumford II (b. 1905), Baltimore, Md.; gift of his daughter, Beatrix T. Rumford, Williamsburg, Va.
Inscription(s):"Elizabeth Canby Brandywine 11thMO 21st 1825" is incised in script below the rim.