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Wine Glass, one of six with two matching decanters

ca. 1765
Origin: England, Newcastle (possibly)
H: approx. 5 3/4"; Diam: approx. 2 1/2"-2 3/4"
Glass, leaded, colorless
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1960-6,7
Ogee shaped bowl with large white bunches of grapes on wavy grapevine, white opaque twist stem (straight) with two single thread spirals around central gauze column. Plain conical foot.
Label:British stemware evolved dramatically during the eighteenth century. Early glasses featured bold knops. Gradually, emphasis shifted from the shape of the stem to the decorative possibilities offered by the inclusion of interlaced strands of trapped air or colored glass. It can be difficult to distinguish the specific function of early drinking vessels, but this one would likely be used for wine. These forms all have a much smaller capacity than is standard today.

The ornament on this glass, its five mates, and two matching decanters is attributed to the shop of William and Mary Bielby.
Provenance:Sold at auction: Sotheby, London, January 15, 1960, lot #45 (illus.).
Tilley & Co., London