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ca. 1765
Origin: England, London
OH: 11 9/16"; H (without stopper): 9 1/4"; O. Diam: 4 7/16"
Glass, leaded
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1980-21,A&B
Decanter and stopper: Body of mallet form; very slightly flared lip, ground inside; shortened cylindrical neck flaring to rounded sloping shoulders; body sides curve slightly inward; polished bottom with slightly concave polished circle. Gilded decoration: band around lip; starting at neck, chain from which is suspended cartouche, composed of urn at top center, grape leaves and vines, which encircles body extending to lower third, enclosed is 'WHITE WINE'; on back is grape leaf and vine design. Stopper of spire shape with top row of elongated diamond cuts, middle row diamond cuts, bottom triangular cuts with point at top and curved at bottom, ground elongated plug. Gilding of leaf design on all facets, which extends from each point, except for top row where gilding extends from top and bottom only.
Label:Etched decanters with similart quality cartouches and inscriptions were excavated in Williamsburg. Gilding attributed to James Giles.
Provenance:Maureen Thompson, London
Inscription(s):"WHITE WINE" in gilt letters on face.