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Tobacco note (1,000 lbs), Virginia

July 25, 1780
Origin: America, Virginia
3 1/4" x 6"
Paper & ink
Gift of the Lasser family
Acc. No. 1994-210,926
Currency. "No. 1206. The Treasurer of the commonwealth of Virginia acknowledgeth that the said commonwealth is indebted to one thousand pounds of nett inspected tobacco to be paid to the said (blank), his heirs, executors, administrators, or assigns, at the end of the term for which he is enlisted as a soldier under the act of Assembly passed in the year 1780, 'For speedily recruiting the quota of this state for the continental army.' Witness the hand of the Treasurer this (Twenty-fifth)(handwritten in ink) day of (July) (handwritten in ink) 1780. Signature: "George Brooke."

Signature: "George Brooke"

Serial Number: "1206"
Mark(s):Signature: "George Brooke" Serial Number: "1206"