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"New Yorke in America" farthing token

Origin: England
Diameter; 22 mm Weight: 44.9 grains
Gift of the Lasser Family
Acc. No. 2004-8,35
Label:Francis Lovelace, governor of New York from 1668 to 1673, ran a popular tavern on Pearl Street in lower Manhattan. He is believed to have issued these farthing size tokens that feature a visual pun on his last name and the spelling "New Yorke," which seems to have fallen out of popular use around 1700.

Provenance:John Hopkins (Bowers & Merena, 10/80, lot 1322), Garrett Collection, H.A. Sampson, C.W. Betts, E. Frossard (1884), Fonrobert (1878), E. Cogan (1863)