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Origin: England or France
W: 40"; L: 25 1/4"
Silk ribbed with metallic-silver and silk needlework.
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1967-671
Short silk apron of bright yellow silk taffeta with silk and metallic embroidery worked in stem, satin, chain, long-short stitches, and French knots. Design consists of undulating stems bearing carnations, tulips, roses, buds, and leaves forming border on sides, bottom, and outlining two pockets; bouquets of same flowers, tied with bowknots in two lower corners, with smaller sprigs scattered over field. Colors used: pink, rose, maroon, lavender, purple, shaded blues, shaded greens, and metallic-silver. Apron has narrow hem at border edges, drawstring heading at top edge, and 5/8" metallic silver fringed galloon outlining one of the two imitation pockets.

Construction History:
1. 1700-1750 Initial Construction
2. Date Unknown- piece treated in the past with off-white silk crepe lining on the reverse. Seam allowance of the waistline folded upward to fill in the lowest portion.
3. Date Unknown- original waistband removed