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Apron, unmade, silk needlework

Origin: England
OW: 45 1/2" OL: 20 1/2"
Ribbed silk embroidered with silk; paper backing/lining.
Gift of Mrs. Cora Ginsburg
Acc. No. 1989-442
Unmade apron of white silk is embroidered on its lower edges (up to 13" from bottom edge) with silk threads in reds, blues, greens, purples, and yellows in flowers surrounding a central cornucopia. The embroidery stitches are worked primarily in satin stitches with some straight stitches, herringbone stitches, and stem stitches. The center of the design is a yellow cornucopia, with a red flower filling in the mouth of the horn. This is surrounded by vines and flowers which undulate toward the side edges, to culminate oneach side in a blue flower with a yellow center. The apron is still attached to the original paper backing with white thread, taken in large basting stitches at about 2 per inch.