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Woman's cap, pleated lace and whitework

Origin: Europe
L: 9 1/4"; W: 7 1/4"
Linen, cotton
Anonymous gift.
Acc. No. 1971-1689
Woman's cap made of white linen embroidery on white linen ground, with large areas of pulled or drawn work. The embroidered pattern consists of florals with tear-shaped clusters of flowers, buttonholed eyelets, and luxuriant round-leaved foliage. A row of 1" wide pleated lace curves around the side of the cap and ends in a bow at the top; beneath this and extending beyond it is a pleated ruching of stiffened linen fabric to which 1 1/2" wide pleated lace has been attached. Cap is made up of three pieces: two side pieces forming the front, and the crown. On the inside there are two pieces of stiffened linen running from one side of the crown around up the sides and top to the other side of the crown, thereby giving the sides additional support.
Provenance:Ginsburg & Levy
Ex. Coll. Mrs. DeWitt Clinton Cohen. Old tag with the number DWC 271 calls cap Bohemian, 18th century.