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Woman's drawstring workbag, "Ce panier de fleur"

Origin: Europe, France
H: 8 3/4"; W: 10".
Silk embroidered with silk and metallic threads, metal sequins, and enameled copper alloy, trimmed with metallic lace.
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1953-954
Drawstring bag consisting of two rectangular panels of cream ribbed silk embroidered with silk, couched metallic threads, sequins (paillettes), and enameled copper alloy, edged with silver gilt metallic lace. The design includes swags ending in double tassels, suspending a green wreath. A basket of flowers and heart are positioned under the wreath, with a ribbon motto reading "Ce panier de fleur" (this flower basket). Flower sprays fill lower corners and an undulating leafy vine forms a border on the sides and bottom. The design is the same on the reverse, except the motto reads "est l'homage de mon Coeur" (is the homage of my heart.) Lined with soft white silk. The top casing and drawstring are replaced.

Construction History:

1. 1780-1800: Initial Construction
2. March 15, 1954: Cleaning, repairing, restoring by Ernest LoNano.
Label:Women used bags such as this as purses or workbags for their embroidery or knotting supplies. Drawstring bags and purses became increasingly necessary at the end of the eighteenth century, when the new fashion for gowns with slim skirts no longer accommodated large bulging pockets worn underneath.
Mark(s):"Ce panier de fleur...est l'homage de mon Coeur" (French for This flower basket is a homage of my heart)