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Woman's neck kerchief embroidered with silk & metallics

Origin: Europe, Germany or Austria
OW: 47" X 23"
Silk plain weave embroidered with silk and metallics around silk core.
Gift of The Honorable Irwin Untermyer.
Acc. No. 1954-2
Triangular kerchief of cream-color plain-woven silk, folded double and heavily embroidered on two sides with shades of red, blue, lavender, and green silks and gold metallics wrapped around a silk core. The embroidery is worked through both layers. The design consists of formal, symmetrical scrolling leaves and flowers, with drawn work edging forming lace effect and shallow scallops at outside edges. The long side of the triangle is not embroidered, folded on the bias.
Label:Many women wore embroidered kerchiefs around their necks and shoulders to fill in the low necklines of their gowns. Some colorful silk embroidered kerchiefs were associated with Jewish weddings in Europe, worn by brides as a symbol of modesty and as a festive accessory. The peach kerchief may originally have been worn by a Jewish bride.
Provenance:From the collection of the Hon. Irwin Untermyer.