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Origin: France
Length: 10 3/8" Width when Open: 19"
Silk (Mount): Ivory (Sticks), Metal (Spangles), Paint, Gold Leaf or Paint, Mica (Used over small portraits and behind carvings on guards), Silver Metallic Thread (Used for Embroidered Outlines); Paste (Rivet on Hinge), Silver (Mount for Paste Rivet)
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1936-599
Marriage or Wedding Fan with silk mount decorated with scenes emblematic of love and marriage. A central painted cartouche depicts a youth and maiden decorating a statue of the god Hymen on a garland-draped pedestal. To the far left and right of the central scene are two large oval medallions illustrated with a pair of figures, likely Cupid and Psyche. On either side of the larger medallions are four small painted oval medallions. The two outermost medallions are two portraits, one of a young girl and the other of a young boy. The other two small medallions depict a single vase each and are at the interior of the design, on either side of the central scene. Each small image is under mica, painted as if sitting on a gilt pedastle, and all are surrounded with sequin frames and sprays outlined in silver thread. The remaining space is occupied with gilt scrolls and sprays of flowers, images of torches, butterflies, On the reverse, medallions and floral sprays are outlined in pale blue, green, and pink.

The sticks are elaboratley decorated pierced ivory inlaid with silver and gilt leaf. The four sticks beneath the small portrait and vase medallions resemble garland wrapped pedastels. Three sticks immediately below the central painted scene is carved and painted to depict three figures (two men and one woman) in eighteenth century dress framed by a carved zig-zag pattern on the surround sticks. The sticks to the right and left of the center sticks, in between the pedastal sticks, are carved and painted with cherub figures. The fan guards are decorated with a floral and vine design topped by an eighteenth century woman below the image of a crossed torch and trumpet framed by a laurel wreath. The mounted portion of each fan guard is backed in mica. Both sides of the hinge are embellished with a mounted paste rivet.

Construction History:
1. Initially constructed 1770-1780, no additions or alterations after the initial construction noted.
2. January 19, 1954: Repairs by Ernest LoNano for the Margaret Hunter Shop
Mark(s):At the back of fan on left guard written in pale ink: "D=xdp" The meaning of the marks is currently unknown.