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Woman's ornamental hair comb

Origin: Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (worn in)
OH: 4 1/2"; OW: 6 3/4"; 11" long over curve.
Gift of Beatrix T. Rumford
Acc. No. 2006-61
Ornamental comb for the hair made of dark reddish brown tortoise. The 1 3/4"-tall solid area, which has a straight top line and no piercings or carvings, curves to fit head. Comb has 32 tapered teeth, 2 3/4" long.
Label:Elizabeth Clifford Morris (1813-1892) wore this comb at her wedding to Samuel Canby. The couple was married in Philadelphia on June 25, 1832.
Provenance:The comb was worn by Elizabeth Clifford Morris (1813-1892) at her wedding to Samuel Canby (1811-1875) in 1832. Elizabeth was one of the twins who were the original owners of the Morris-Canby-Rumford dollhouse. She was the grandmother of Beatrix Tyson Rumford (1939 - ), the donor.