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Woman's straw hat, ribbon trim

ca. 1890
Origin: Great Britain, England; or America
Oval approximately 11 1/4 X 10 1/2" in size.
Straw, silk
Gift of Tasha Tudor.
Acc. No. 1996-374
Woman's hat of braided golden-color straw, shaped with shallow rounded crown and thick brim formed of stacked straw braid. Multicolor braided band made up of narrow ribbons of blue, pink and tan. Inner hatband formed by yellow silk ribbed ribbon; tie is one piece loop of ribbed ribbon.
Label:This charming straw hat with shallow crown and narrow brim might be seen as a revival from the eighteenth century, when women often wore straw hats similar shallow crowns and brims. This example reveals its later date in the use of thick straw to give the hat a more substantial feel.
Provenance:From the collection of Tasha Tudor.