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Woman's stocking, one of pair

Origin: America (probably), worn in Pennsylvania
OL with toe extended 34 1/2" Foot 9" long
Knitted silk.
Gift of Titi Halle.
Acc. No. 2002-94,1
One of a pair of woman's stockings of frame-knitted white silk. Lacy clocks extend from a point above the ankle almost to the toe. The stockings are marked with initials CE in the knitting near the top. Another mark, "MP 10", is done in cross stitch near the top hem.
Label:The mark "MP 10" stitched into the top of the stocking probably stands for Plumstead, the family in which the stockings descended. The original owner's identity is not known. Linens and some accessories were numbered to allow the owner to keep track of items during laundering. The number 10 indicates the wearer had at least ten pairs of stockings.
Provenance:Said to have been part of wedding ensemble from Plumstead / Ross family. Because of the initials MP, this was probably not worn by Anna Ross when she married George Plumstead in 1795. Probably worn by another family member.
Mark(s):"MP 10"