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Chiswell-Bucktrout House Mantel

1770 - 1800 (reused in Wetherburn's Tavern from the 1890s until 1966)
Origin: America, Virginia, Williamsburg, Chiswell Bucktrout House
The object is currently in ten pieces: The shelf is broken into two large pieces: Piece H (PL): 17x128x8cm Piece I (PR): 16x80.9x8cm The friezes and quoin were initially one long piece that is now broken into three pieces: Piece E (PL): 25.5x85x3.4cm Piece F (quoin): 28x28x3.3cm Piece G (PR): 86x25.5x3.1cm The proper right jamb is missing. The proper left jamb is broken into five pieces: Pieces A & J (top of jamb, adhered together with caulk): 62x20x2.7cm Pieces B,C,D (bottom of jamb, separate pieces): 39x20x2.7cm
Black Purbeck Limestone
Acc. No. AF-2.17.1

The black Purbeck limestone with white fossils was originally polished smooth to a high sheen. There is a graffiti inscription at the top middle of frieze piece. The inscripton reads:

Elizabeth C. Drew of
March 19th

Decorative Arts Librarian Susan Shames was able to identify this person
as the daugher of Thomas Harrison Drew and Adeline Abbott and wife of
Dr. Henry Francis Deane. Elizabeth was born in 1812. She, her parents,
husband, and children are all buried in Hollywood Cemetary.
Provenance:Chiswell-Bucktrout House
Inscription(s):Elizabeth C. Drew of
March 19th