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Tulipa lutea lituris aureis. Tulipa albicans, maculis latis rubentibus. Tulipa diversi coloris, alba linearubente, calice citrini coloris. Tulipa explicata florum candiderum linearum rubearum. Tulipa exluteo coloris florum lineis dorsalibus viridibus.

Origin: Europe, Germany, Eichstatt
OH: 21" x OW: 16"; Plate H: 19" x W: 15"
Black and white line engraving with period hand color
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1961-185
The text reads: "I. Tulipa lutea lituris aureis/ II. Tulipa albicans, maculis latis/ rubentibus./ III. Tulipa diversi coloris alba linearu/ bente, calice citrini coloris./ IV. Tulipa explicata florum candidi/rum linearum rubearum./ V. Tulipa exluteo citrini coloris florum/ lineis dorsalibus viridebus."
Provenance:This plate from Besler, HORTUS EYSTENTTENSIS. This plate is on somewhat crude paper without watermaker, but colored, thus indicating it was probably from the second edition of this work.