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William Ansah Sessarakoo

Ca. 1748
Origin: Great Britain, London, England
OH: 13" x OW: 8 15/16"
Black and white mezzotint engraving on laid paper.
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 2000-91
Engraved portrait print. Text along bottom reads: "William Ansah Sessarakoo' Son of John Bannishee Corrantee Ohinnee of/Anamaboe and of Eukobah Daughter of Ansah Sessarakoo King of Aquamboo &/Niece to Quishadoo King of Akroan. He was Sold at Barbadoes as a Slave in y.e Year 1744/Redeem'd at the Earnest Request of his Father in the Year 1748, and brought to England./This plate is most Humbly Inscrib'd to the Right Hon.ble the Earl of Hallifax, First Lord Commissioner/for Trade & Plantations, and one of his Majesty's most Hon.ble Privy Council, by his most obedient & most hum. Serv.t./ Gabriel Mathias/Price 1.s.6.p"
Label:This print tells the story of a young African prince, William Ansah Seesarakoo, who on his way to school in England, was enslaved by the captain of the ship on which he was traveling. It took four years before he was freed. Tragic tales such as this were made popular through British writings in the 17th through 19th centuries. The overwhelming sympathy towards these stories is said to have been one of the reasons the Abolitionist movement took hold.
Mark(s):"G Mathias Pinx.t" "J Faber fecit 1749".