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November 9, 1782
Origin: England, London
OH: 10 1/3" x OW: 15 1/4"
Black and white etching with period hand color
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1960-106
The upper margin reads: "WONDERS WONDERS WONDERS &/ WONDERS/ DEDICATED to the Wonderfull Wonderfull Wonderer"

The lower margin reads: "If Kat---to can Bring Such Wonders to pass/ He sure deserves the Honor to Kiss the Kings--/ Published as the Act Directs Nov.r 9 1782 By I. LANGHAM PRINT/ Coulerer N.o 84 Dorset Street Salisbury Court Fleet Street"

This satire focuses on the new friendships of former enemies.

Dominating the center are the English ministers: Fox, with appropriate head, Shelburne to the left, and Lord Denbigh with the body of a foxhound. The conversation explains: Fox, "I will play the Foxes Part, And gain a Secret from each Heart"; Shelburne, "I should not have used you so ill, If I had not swallow'd a Scotch Pill"; Denbigh, "Through you & Burke I lost my Place, Yet I forgive the sad Disgrace."

On the left Britannia with shield and Sword upright and Indian Princess America with staff and liberty cap shake hands and vow friendship. In a similar pose on the right, Wilkes addresses George III, "Your M.....y (Majesty) has been long deceiv'd, and at your Subjects was much griev'd." The king responds, "Enough! my Fault I own, my Subject Loyal, And you much love, 'pon my Word Royal."

At the left rear, the duke of Richmond joins hands with cleric Henry Bate, a strong anti-government critic, and to the right Sir Hugh Palliser and Keppel, both naval leaders, pledge to forget their previous bitter disputes.

Kat---to (Katerfelto) was a notorious quack of the period who claimed to be able to bring about miracles. The satirist suggest that these friendships are in the nature of his marvels. Since attempts to reconciliation were politically motivated, the "wonder" would last only a short time.
Provenance:Ex coll: H. Dunscombe Colt. Other known copies: Halsey collection at Brown