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November 25, 1796
Origin: England, London
OH: 15 1/4" x OW: 19 1/2"
Black and white etching with period hand color
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1967-661
The lower margin reads: "THE BOSKY MAGISTRATE./ Drawn by J. Nixon Esq.r/ London Pub. by Will.m Holland N.o 50. Oxford Str.t Nov.r 25.1795./ Engraved by Zeigler/ CUSTOS. NEMO. COMES. TESTIS. SUS. BOSQUE. CANISQUE. rules for the GENDER of NOUNS./ Custos, the Constable. Nemo. alluding to the Lady having no Waist. Comes. her Companion. Sus. a sow Worried by a Dog. Testis. described by the constable as Witness against the two Delinquents. Bosque. the Magistrate/ half Drunk or Bosky. Canisque. the Dog refering to the Guardian of the Night in the Act of making a Seizure."