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The Whitehall Pump.

Origin: England
OH: 4" x OW: 5 3/4"
Black and white line engraving
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1960-46
This print was published in the Westminster Magazine. By pumping water over her, Lord North, looking through a spy-glass, attempts to revive Britiannia who has fallen over Indian America. Standing behind North, a group of supporters encourage his efforts to restore Britiannia's vitality. John Wilkes and a companion, strong backers of the colonials, stand on the other side and protest North's aid.

On the top of the tall pump is a head of George III in profile to the left, adorned with a laurel wreath. Britannia holds her spear in hand and beneath her is her shield. Also beneath Britiannia, Indian America holds a knife. Beneath them on the ground are a number of documents. Behind North is a group of ministerialists who are approving spectators. Two judges, each holding a document, appear to be Apsley and Mansfield. Behind Mansfield stands Sandwich. Three others are less prominent and cannot be identified. Above their heads is an open window from which look Lord Holland, with a fox head, and a companion wearing a ribbon, probably meant to be Bute.
Provenance:Ex coll: H. Dunscombe Colt. Other known copies: Halsey Collection at Brown; Peel Collection at the Morgan Library.