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The City Race

Origin: Great Britain, England, London
Trimmed to plate: H: 4"; W: 6 1/2"
Black and white line engraving and etching
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1960-151
Lower margin reads: "The City Race"
Label:Illustration to 'The City Race; or a peripatetic Dialogue amongst the late Candidates for the Mayorality, and the Sheriffs' published in the "Town and Country Magazine," III, 529. The five candidates race from right to left across an open space towards their goal, the Mansion house, part of the facade of which is in the background. The foremost is supported on crutches, inscribed treasury; this is William Nash elected through the support of the Ministry. He and the next, Sawbridge, Townsend, and Hallifax are hurrying with outstretched arms. The last walks with folded arms is Sir Henry Bankes who was at the bottom of the poll with 36 votes. A sixth alderman has fallen to the ground, and lies face downwards. He is Brass Crosby the late Lord Mayor. Two dogs fight in the foreground, one with his collar inscribed Court has the other by the throat. In the background a mob is being harangued by Parson Horne who leans from an open window. The two sheriffs, Wilkes and Bull, are near with their staves. Bull attempts to restrain the mob; Wilkes turns his back on the disturbance holding the cap of liberty on his staff.