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Barber Basin

18th c.
Origin: England or Netherlands (probably )
H: 2 1/2"; L: 10 7/8"; W: 9".
Brass (copper alloy)
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1955-80
Shaving bowl. Elliptical bowl with deep, rounded well, the 1 7/8" smooth rim with rolled edges, cut-out for neck and brass rings for hanging at one end and one side.
Label:Metal barber basins were both practical and functional, being less prone to breakage than ceramic versions while still protecting a gentleman’s clothing from errant drips of water or soap. Although silver shaving basins survive, they are far outnumbered by brass examples.
Provenance:Vendor: David Stockwell, Inc., Philadelphia
Inscription(s):Engraved "V" in threaded block lettering on back of rim near single-rivited hanging ring