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Origin: England, Birmingham
OH: 5"; Diam (rim): 11 3/8"; Diam (base): 7"
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1932-22
Label:Pewter colanders appear fairly frequently in Virginia household records of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. They range from ones professionally made, such as this footed example with swing handles, not dissimilar to those in design and size found on hot water dishes. Simple examples were sometimes casually adapted from basins or deep dishes by drilling or punching them with circular holes in simple arrangement, as in CWF accession 1951-449.

Birch & Villers, which stands at the beginning of a succession of partnerships, has been termed "the first recorded major firm of Birmingham pewterers."
Provenance:Purchased from I.O. Lane, New York, NY
Mark(s):No touch mark apparent. Secondary marks a label with "LONDON" within an outlined rectangle on interior of bowl in center (Cotterell 430; Homer and Hall 138, no. 6) and quality "X" on interior of bowl in center. Pseudo hallmarks (1) griffin's head erased, (2) "B&V", and (3) sun burst, each within a shield with ears on interior of bowl in center (Cotterell 430; Homer and Hall 138, no. 6).