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Soup Plate

Origin: America, Connecticut, Wethersfield
Diam: 11 5/8"; W (rim): 1 1/4"
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1933-212
Circular dish; upward-curving rim of moderate width with raised single-reeded molded edge; curved-sided body to flat base; uninscribed as to owner.
Label:Danforth was born, raised and trained in Middletown before moving his family and business to the Rocky Hill section of Wethersfield in 1783. He trained Samuel Kilbourn, the maker of accession 1991-651. Danforth probably learned about business opportunities in Philadelphia from Blakslee Barns, a tinsmith from Berlin, Connecticut and maker of accession 1983-304. Danforth opened a Philadelphia shop in 1806/1807 and was joined by Barns in 1809. After about 1811, Danforth returned permanently to Connecticut, leaving the Philadelphia shop to his son and others.
Provenance:Vendor: Mrs. Miles White, Jr., Baltimore, Maryland.

Mark(s):Touch mark a lion rampant on an apparent wreath bar with "T" to the lower left and "D" to the lower right within a shaped vertical oval formed by two cross-hatched C scrolls on underside of well (Laughlin 364). Pseudo hallmarks (1) "T·D", (2) lion's head erased, (3) Britannia, and (4) dagger, each within a shaped shield, on underside of well (Laughlin 364).