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Pattern 1768 Bayonet

Origin: England, Birmingham
OA: 21 3/16" Blade: 16 7/16" x 1 3/16" Socket: 3 15/16"
Iron and steel
Gift of Chelsea and Erik Goldstein in memory of Jay Gaynor
Acc. No. 2014-215
British Pattern 1768 bayonet of the standard form.
Label:While "Brown Bess" bayonets of the Revolutionary War period are reasonably common, those with full unit markings are very scarce. In the case of this Pattern 1768 bayonet, the engraved markings indicate the piece, and its companion musket, were once issued to the 39th private soldier in "A" company of the British 22nd Regiment.

In 1774, the year before the 22nd Regiment left for North America, the whole regiment was re-equipped with fresh muskets and bayonets, and this weapon is believed to have been part of that issue. The 22nd saw action in the New York Campaign of 1776, where they spent much of the Revolution, but also fought in the Virginia Campaign of 1781. As such, there is a possibility this bayonet was with the 22nd Regiment in Yorktown as the Franco-American forces under Washington successfully besieged the town.

Mark(s):Base of blade marked "DAWES," with a small crown struck at its junction with the shank. There are also traces of what may be markings at the base of the blade.
Inscription(s):Engraved "22 / A / 39" between the crook of the mortise and the ring at the rear of the socket.