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Stand of grapeshot

Origin: England or America
Height: 9" Diameter: 6 1/8"
Iron, linen, twine and pitch.
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1949-55
Stand of grapeshot composed of a circular base an iron rod protruding from its center. Nine iron balls are set around the central rod, and are secured by a fitted and sewn canvas cover. The latter is attached to the base by an iron band fitted around its perimeter. The canvas cover is further secured with a network of knotted twine under a coating of a black resinous material like pitch. Several balls may be missing.
Label:One step up in size from cannister shot is “grape shot,” which also held numerous projectiles. Instead of many small lead balls, canvas-cased grape rounds were secured to an iron structure and released larger, cast iron balls. These rounds were intended to be used against buildings, fortifications and ship’s hulls.
Provenance:Purchased from Francis Bannerman Sons, with the assistance of Harold L. Peterson.