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Animal blocks

ca. 1850
Origin: Europe, Germany
Each block: 1 3/4" cubed Assembled picture: OL: 8 3/4" x OW: 10 1/2" x OH: 1 3/4" Box: OL: 9 1/2" x OW: 11 1/2" x OH: 2"
Wood, paper, ink and textiles
Gift of Mrs. Jason R. (Grace H.) Westerfield
Acc. No. 1959.1200.45
The puzzle consists of 30 cubes, each side having a different segment of a picture. The pictures formed show different species of animals. The headings listing the species are in German. The puzzle comes with 6 sheets showing the completed image of each side. The species pictured include monkeys, deer, and marsupials. The cubes and pictures are stored in a box.