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Doll House Sampler by H. A. B.

Origin: America
Framed: OW: 5 5/8" x OH: 6"
Wool embroidery threads on a cotton ground of 28 x 28 threads per inch (fiber identification by eye); wooden frame
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1969.1200.1,366
This is a small cross-stitch alphabet sampler worked in crimson red wool on 14-count Penelope canvas. The alphabet letters are stitched across the primary canvas piece in four rows underlined in cross stitch. The letters A through H are on the first row, the letters I through P are on the second row, the letters Q through W are on the third row, and the letters X & Y are cross stitched at the beginning of the fourth row and then the letter Z is stitched on the right side of the fourth row leaving the canvas blank in between. Below the four rows of alphabet letters are the initials "H. A. B." underlined. Below that is the date 1876. Flanking the date at the bottom left and right corners are two poplar trees. It is evident that portions of "H. A. B" and "1876" that perhaps disintegrated were sewn over. The sampler is framed in a simple wood frame.

Stitches: cross stitch over one, satin stitch
Label:This sampler, stitched entirely in red thread and with an inscription that reads, "H. A. B. 1876," is part of the contents of a doll house found in an attic in Long Island in 1968. While the furniture and decorations span the second half of the nineteenth century, it is actually the sampler's date of 1876 that most effectively helps date the doll house. The doll house's range of time periods also indicates that this house was enjoyed by several generations of a family.
Provenance:F. A. O. Schwarz, Children's World, New York.
Mark(s):"H. A. B. 1876"
Inscription(s):Single alphabet