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Origin: Germany
OH: 7 3/4" x OW: 2 1/2" x OD: 2 3/4"
Composition, wood, paper, paint, and string
Gift of Anonymous Donors
Acc. No. 1971-849
The composition soldier has a high black hat, red coat and white pants. His arms are attached through the upper torso by a peg. Each arm holds a drumstick positioned just above a drum hanging from around the soldiers shoulder by a white strap. He stands on a wooden box with a painted grassy green top. Protruding from the front of the box base is a small wire crank that, when turned, activates the arms so it appears as if the figure is drumming.
Provenance:Mrs. Tomlison purschased this toy from Mrs. Herbert Grant, 32 Durand Road, South Orange, New Jersey, on Nov. 10, 1948 for $15.