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Sentry Crank Toy

Origin: Germany
OH: 5 3/8" x OW: 1 5/8" x OD: 4 3/4"
Wood, paper, and paint
Gift of Anonymous Donors
Acc. No. 1971-862
At one end of a narrow rectangular box is a structure with three sides and a roof. There is a large arched opening in the fourth side. The roof is painted red and the exterior walls are painted with alternating read and blue chevron stripes. In the top of the box is a long narrow slit running almost the length of the box. Attached to a piece of wood through the slit is a wooden soldier. The soldier has a tall black hat with yellow trim, blue jacket and red paints. As the crank in the front is turned, the sentry slides across the top of the box going in and out of the sentry box. The box base is covered with printed paper on the sides.