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Familio de Pescos

Origin: America, New York, New York
Primary Support: 13 x 9 15/16in. (33 x 25.2cm); not currently framed
Felt-tipped pen and colored pencils on wove paper
Gift of Ellin and Baron Gordon
Acc. No. 2001.201.4
Three horizontally elongated, irregularly-shaped, variously-sized, creatures are stacked one above another, their heads to the left, their tails to the right; they are not colored. Their head ends appear to have arms, ears, mouths, and eyes; squiggly lines define their perimeters. Around these creatures and around three reserves left for lettering, thick, short, penciled lines of various colors cover the paper, mostly in straight horizontal lines but in some cases deviating to form slight curves or diagonals. The whole has something of a "crazy quilt" look.
Provenance:The donors say they acquired this drawing from dealer Kerry Schuss, New York, NY, in 1996. (Conversation with B. Luck at time of object's donation to AARFAM).
Inscription(s):On the front, in three different "reserves" of paper left uncovered by colored penciling, are (1) "P. S.", (2) "9-7-1987/NY City/ZIP 100.25", and (3) "9-7-1987/NY City/ZIP 100.25".

On the reverse in black felt-tipped pen is "familio de Pescos./los Hijos".