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Origin: America, Pennsylvania
OL: 36 1/8"
Walnut, hackberry, and fir or spruce
Gift of Miss Vivian Sprinkle
Acc. No. 1958-83
Scheitholt (box zither); body a tapering, rectangular box, shaped at end with top slightly overlapping sides; thin, rectangular bridge at one end; fingering board attached to one side of top; pair of sound holes in top, one near each end; obelisk-shaped peg board with flat end; three, wrought iron pegs attached to face of board; two metal strings extend from pegs to bridge.
Label:This instrument with its single melody string and two drone strings, is very simple in design and lacks any hint of a scroll at the tuning head. The use of hackberry wood for the tuning head may indicate a Pennsylvania origin, although the style of the instrument is similar to those identified with the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and North Carolina. As is true of many early dulcimers and sheitholts, the placement of the frets is somewhat casual, resulting in less-than-accurate tuning.
Provenance:Gift of Miss Blanche Sprinkle in memory of Miss Vivian Sprinkle, Crystal Spring Ave., Roanoke, Virginia.
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