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Pitch pipe

Origin: America or England
OL(closed): 10 3/4"; OH: 3"; OD: 1 7/8"
White pine: sides, top, piston Mahogany: top Paper: Label patch on top, pitch label
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. John K. Brick.
Acc. No. 1993-427,A&B
A pitch pipe with the range of D to F (1 1/3 octaves). The body and plunger are made of white pine; the top is mahogany. A 3/4" black band is painted around the body where the plunger enters the pipe. There is a (now illegible) paper label on top. A paper label on the plunger indicates the notes (C-Major, diatonic).
Provenance:Dr. & Mrs. John K. Brick, Eleanore, PA
Mark(s):A paper label on top has illegible writing; a label on the plunger indicates musical pitch names.
Inscription(s):see "marks"