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Guitar case

Origin: Unknown
Length: 39 3/4" (101 cm), Width: 13 3/4" (35 cm), Height: 5 1/4" (13 cm)
closed-grain white hardwood (possibly maple), cotton, brass
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1974-67
Wooden guitar case, painted green on the outside and lined on the inside in a twill-woven cotton with long cotton nap, originally red (possibly called "plush"). The top of the lid has the remnants of a glued paper label and 4 nails which likely held another label. Two brass hooks and eyes and a lock (with a stamped brass lock escutcheon) close the case. There is also a small brass handle. The construction of the case features both dovetail and mitered joints; the lid is attached with extruded brass butt hinges. A fragment of a cord to keep the lid from falling open too far is still attached at the bottom.
Provenance:Purchased from Swan Tavern Antiques, Yorktown, VA
Mark(s):none observed
Inscription(s):none observed