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Square Piano

Origin: England, London
Net dimensions exclude lid, stand and projecting moldings. All dimensions in mm except where noted. Length: 1,239 mm (net 1,230 mm); Width: 459 mm (net 451 mm); Height: 758 mm (net 145 mm) Measured drawing (with footnotes) made by John Watson, July-August 1992 in Object Folder.
Walnut: case, nameboard, hammer-hinge rail cover, rack; Mahogany: hammers, damper levers; Spruce: soundboard (laminated, 3-ply); Beech: stand (stained); Oak: hammer-hinge rail, hammer-rest rail, action end brackets; Limewood: key levers; Softwoods: lower portion of spine, bottom, cheek block , belly rail, key frame, hammer butts; Ebony: sharp top veneer; Ivory: natural key tops; Baleen: rack slips, damper springs, damper stickers; Brass: nut pins, bridge pins, hitch pins, jack wires, hammer guide pins; Iron: tuning pins
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1968-294,A
CASE DECORATION: The plain walnut case has a molding around the bottom.
KEYWELL: The keywell is plain walnut with an ink inscription on a lighter plaque on the nameboard.
LID: The walnut lid is divided with flaps to cover the keyboard and part of the soundboard. The keyboard flap is divided horizontally so that it can expose only the keys and not the soundboard to the right. The lockboard, originally hinged to the front of the case, was rehinged at a very early date to connect it to the lid flap to create a music desk.
STAND: The beech trestle stand rests on casters with wooden wheels.
INTERNAL NOTES: The instrument retains its original strings, textiles, and baleen.
COMPASS: GG–f3 (with fake GG# as part of the GG key lever)
OCTAVES: 5 octaves minus 2 notes
STOPS: One hand stop raises the dampers.
Provenance:According to the vendor, this instrument was discovered near Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
Purchased by CWF from Pro Musica Instrument Co. of Annapolis, MD, in 1968
Inscription(s):"Johannes Zumpe Londini Fecit 1766 / Princess Street Hanover Square" in ink on nameboard