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Document Box

Origin: America, Maryland, Baltimore (possibly)
OH: 6"; OW: 12"; OD: 7"
Wood, leather, brass, iron, paper
Gift of Catherine H. Latane
Acc. No. 2011-26
The document box was originally owned by Aunt Letty, a former slave in Williamsburg, Virginia. Aunt Letty lived with the Beale family on Duke of Gloucester Street (on the site of the Orlando Jones House), where the family operated a hardware store. Aunt Letty probably lived with the family beginning sometime in the 1890s when she was hired to be a baby nurse until her death in the early 20th century. Aunt Letty used this box to store all her most treasured possessions and then left the box to the Beale children after her death. One of the Beale children, Grace Beale Moncure wrote her memoirs and described the history and her personal memories of Aunt Letty and her trunk. See object file for copy of memoirs