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Woman's dress skirt panel

ca. 1780
Origin: Britain
OW: 28 5/8 x OL: 55 1/2 inches
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1947-510,4
Textile panel of cotton, woodblock printed in red, purple, brown, pencil blue, yellow, and overprinted green in a design of wide stripes with undulating floral vines on white between ribbon and bowknot stripes on red ground. Along the bottom edge a border is printed crosswise in a small-scale pattern of repeated S shapes to suggest guilloche (indicating the end of the piece). This panel is one of three pieces originally constituting the skirt of a dress which was disassembled. Three blue threads in selvages. One selvage is present; one side and the ends are cut.

Construction History:

1. 1780: Initial Construction
2. September 4, 1956: Cleaning, restoring by Ernest LoNano for the Margaret Hunter Shop
Label:This panel of cotton is block printed in madder colors with additional pencil blue and overprinted yellow to form green. The panel is one of three pieces originally used as the skirt from a woman’s dress. A horizontal printed stripe at the bottom is the marking for the end of the piece during the printing process. The original bodice (1947-510, 1) survives.