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Woman's under waistcoat for maternity

Origin: England
OL: 20"
Cotton quilted to cotton with linen thread; cotton batting; linen trim
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1936-666,2
Under vest belonging to three-piece ensemble of quilted white cotton with thin cotton wadding and coarse cotton backing. Under waistcoat is sleeveless with high neckline. Open, straight front extends to shaped points below natural waist. Only front panels and back shoulder area are quilted in diamond pattern; lower back panel is plain cotton with worked eyelets to adjust size. Seams turned out. Garment is intended to wear under jacket to fill in enlarging waistline of pregnancy.
Label:Pregnant and nursing women had to alter and adapt their usual clothing to accommodate their condition. This sleeveless vest was part of a clever maternity ensemble that also included a jacket and a petticoat (see 1936-666, 1 and 3). The sleeveless vest, which has adjustable lacings at the center back, was worn under the jacket and expanded the waist size for use during pregnancy. The ensemble was useful during many stages of a woman's life, as the vest could be omitted and the jacket worn alone after the child was born.