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Woman's unmade waistcoat pieces

Origin: England
A: OH: 21 1/4"; OW: 9" B: OH: 20 5/8"; OW: 9 1/8"
Silk needlework on linen
Note to curator: Multiple donors for partially funded gift. Please advise format. See Registrar's note
Acc. No. 2010-120,A&B
A and B. One front and and one back panel from an unmade silk-embroidered linen waistcoat for a woman. Imbricated scallop pattern with stylized flowerheads, finely worked in yellow silk in backstitches, 42 to 46 per inch. The borders consist of floral and foliate trails.
Label:These two panels were professionally embroidered for eventual use as a woman's waistcoat. One front and one back panel survive. The yellow silk backstitches were worked through the fine white linen face fabric and coarser backing, without any batting. Waistcoats were worn when women did not or could not wear heavy boned stays. Some refer to this type of unboned garment as "jumps."