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Boy's coat, silk needlework

Origin: Europe, France or England; poss worn in America
OL: 31" Shoulder width: 8 1/2"
Silk, embroidered with silk; linings of linen and wool.
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1985-232,A
Boy's coat of brown silk embroidered in shades of green and pink silk in floral pattern trimming fronts, back vent, buttons and cuffs. Collarless. Long sleeves curved over elbow, ending in narrow cuffs, each cuff trimmed with three buttons. Pocket flaps over linen pockets, trimmed with floral embroidery and three buttons beneath each flap. Back vent and pleats. Cream silk original lining. Coat has inner linings of linen and chest padding of woolen and linen. Note: needlework in satin stitch, French knots and couching. Silk has horizontal stripe created by supplementary warp floats.
Provenance:Vendor attributed coat to America.