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Appliquéd Floral Wreath Quilt

ca. 1850
Origin: America, North Carolina, Chatham
OH: 81 1/2 in.; OW: 81 3/4 in.
Plain cottons
Gift of Willamena F. T. Miller
Acc. No. 2017.609.4
This is a square quilt consisting of nine blocks of red, green, and yellow appliquéd floral and vine wreath motifs on white. Four floral and leaf cross motifs are positioned on seams at intersection of blocks. Two half floral motifs are on each of the four sides of the quilt. The quilt has a vine border of green leaves. The quilt is backed in three seamed panels of white cotton. The edges are finished in a folded 5/8" white tape edged on the front with green piping. It is quilted in outline, sunflowers, and other flower circles in running stitches, 11 per inch.
Label:This colorful red, yellow, and green appliquéd floral wreath quilt from Chatham County, North Carolina, was created by Jane Watson Frasier. The technique of appliqué involved sewing cut shapes down onto a larger ground fabric. In this quilt the cut edges of the appliqués were carefully turned under before they were finely stitched. The popular design consists of nine large floral wreaths with a vine border of leaves. The red and green color scheme was a popular choice for quilters both on the east coast as well as the Backcountry during the mid nineteenth century. The quilt is attributed to Jane Watson Frasier (1825-1909) who married Richard Frasier, a coach and furniture maker in the small town of Gulf, North Carolina. The quilt was handed down through five generations of the family before it was given to the museum by the maker's great, great granddaughter.
Provenance:The quilt was handed down in the family for five generations from the maker, Jane Watson Frasier (1825-1909) to her son Richard Olmstead Frasier (1850-1924) to his son William Guthrie Frasier to his daughter Rose F. Thomas to her daughters Jane Thomas Hedgepeth (d. 2016) and Willamena Frasier Thomas Miller.

History of Quilt maker:
Jane Watson was born August 22, 1825, to Dr. David Watson and Happy Burns Watson. She married Richard Frasier on November 24, 1842, and lived in Gulf, Chatham County, North Carolina. They had seven children: Emily Joyner (1845-1892); Fannie (1845-1920); Evelyn W. (1849-1893); George David (1850-1919); Richard Olmstead (1853-1924); Alice L. (1856-1892); and Walter Raleigh (1859-1893). Richard Frasier was a coach and furniture maker. A side board and a small drop leaf table made by him are in the donor's collection. Jane, Richard and many family members are buried at the St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Cemetery site in Gulf, North Carolina.