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Woven Doublecloth Coverlet, "Star and Wreath," by an unidentified maker

Origin: Possibly Ohio or New York State
Length/Height: 89 1/4" with fringe; 86 3/4" w/o fringe; Width 87" with fringe, 82" w/o fringe.
Dark blue wool and white cotton.
Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Foster McCarl, Jr.
Acc. No. 1991.609.6
This is a double-woven, center-seamed coverlet of dark blue wool and white cotton with self-fringe at bottom and both sides. The top edge is shirttail hemmed. The centerfield pattern consists of large, circular reserves enclosing floral wreaths and other designs, alternating with smaller medallions, and all against an overall squiggly-line design reminiscent of vermiculate fabric prints. There is no top border. The side and bottom borders are all the same design, which consists of a floral border over a smaller band of geometric and stylized designs. Woven into both lower corner blocks is "STAR &/WREATH/1850".
Provenance:Ownership prior to AARFAM's donor is unknown.
Inscription(s):Woven into both lower corner blocks is "STAR &/WREATH/1850". "18841" was on a modern yellow label safety-pinned in one corner.