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Woven Doublecloth Coverlet, Zachary Taylor Subject

1848 (dated)
Origin: America, Indiana, New Castle
OL: 82" with fringe; 79" without fringe OW: 78" no fringe
Warp: Cotton and Wool Weft: Cotton and Wool
Gift of Betty Long Gremillion, made on her behalf by her husband, Gardner G. Gremillion
Acc. No. 1988.609.2
Blue and white double-woven coverlet made from two loom widths that have been stitched together to form a center seam. The center ground consists of busts of Zachary Taylor, eagles, and small round motifs. This is surrounded by a wide border on three sides. The border on the long sides consists of a row of leafy trees with a thin band of writing under them reading, "ROUGH AND READY." The border on the bottom edge consists of a row of leaf motifs. The coverlet has two corner blocks, one in each bottom corner. These corner blocks contain an eagle sitting on a branch and the date "1848." There is fringe on the bottom edge, which was woven with the piece. The top edge has a rolled hem.
Label:Identification of the portrait busts repeated in the field of this coverlet is clarified by the "Rough and Ready" slogan repeated in the side borders. Zachery Taylor (1784-1850) acquired the nickname in his battles with the Seminole Indians in Florida in 1837-1840, and it resurfaced as a campaign slogan in his later bid for the presidency. Taylor's victory in the Mexican War's Battle of Buena Vista (February 22-23, 1847) made him a hot prospect for the presidential nomination in June 1848. He was elected America's twelfth president and took office March 5, 1849, dying in office in 1850.
Apparently the weaver, Samuel Graham, was a Taylor supporter or made this coverlet for one.
Provenance:Parker Scott of Pennsylvania and later Rush Co., Indiana; to his son, Amos Scott (1838-?) of Rush Co., Indiana; to his daughter, Josephine Scott Long; to her
daughter, Betty Long Gremillion, Frederick, Maryland (AARFAM's doner).
Mark(s):Woven into the corner blocks is "1848" and woven into the border is "ROUGH AND READY."
Inscription(s):Woven into the corner blocks is "1848" and woven into the border is "ROUGH AND READY."