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Woven Overshot Coverlet by Unknown Maker

Possibly 1840-1860
Origin: Probably Ashe County, North Carolina
Overall (H x W): 77 1/2 x 67 3/4in. (196.9 x 172.1cm)
Dark brown wool and natural cotton
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. W. Howard Tisdale
Acc. No. 1991.609.1
This rectangular overshot coverlet is woven in a cat track pattern out of dark brown wool and natural-colored cotton. The cat track pattern consists of two spots within three curving lines at a straight repeat that causes the design to appear as if it’s descending diagonally across the coverlet. There are no borders. The coverlet consists of two panels seamed together lengthwise down the center. The long edges are left in selvedges, and the ends are finished in a machine-stitched flat hem.
Label:This coverlet features a pattern that is still commonly found on coverlets today. The pattern is often called “cat tracks and snail trails” because the dots resemble cat paw prints while the curvy lines surrounding them resemble snail trails. The pattern has also been called “Wandering Vine.”
Provenance:Obtained by mother of W. Howard Tisdale;
By descent to her son, W. Howard Tisdale;
Given to CWF, 1991.