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Woven Tied Beiderwand Coverlet

Origin: America, Ohio, Delaware County, Scioto
OL. @ side w/o fringe: 86 1/4"; OL. @ side w/fringe: 88 1/4"; OL. @ center seam w/o fringe: 84 1/4"; OW. (no fringe): 69 3/4".
Cotton warp and weft; wool supplementary weft
Gift of Ms. Jeanne Sherman McCanless
Acc. No. 2000.609.6
This tied Beiderwand coverlet was woven in two fabric widths and joined along two selvedges to form a center seam. The top edge is hemmed, the side edges have selvedges, and the bottom edge is self fringed. The centerfield consists of two alternating rows, with each row alternating two different motifs. One consists of motif #1 - medallion with center rosette encircled by 8-pointed stars & saw tooth edge around perimeter, and motif #2 - quatrefoil of 4 leaves. The other row consists of motif #3 - rectangular tile with rosette center, and motif #4 - a four lobed leaf design. The side borders consist of a rose and stem motif. The major bottom border is a flowering vine motif. The minor bottom border incorporates diamonds with pendants. There is no border at the top edge. The two corner blocks in the bottom corners consist of the weaver's signature: S.STIMMEL./ 1849."
Provenance:The coverlet was woven in 1849 presumably for Wilbur D. Sherman (b. 1839, Huron County, Ohio) or some other member of his family. W. D. Sherman took the coverlet with him when he moved to Iowa in 1860. It was passed down from W.D.S. to his son, to his grandson, and to his great-grandson. The great-grandson gave it to his sister, Jeanne Sherman McCanless, who has now given it to the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum
Mark(s):Corner block inscription: "S.STIMMEL./1849".