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Woven Tied Beiderwand Coverlet

Origin: Manheim (Lancaster County), Pennsylvania
Side 1 (shirttail hem at top turned under): Rhand side 97 1/2" excluding irregular fringe and 100 1/2" including fringe. Bottom: 81 1/ 2" excluding fringe and 86 3/4" including fri nge.
Red, very dark blue, and light blue wools and white cotton with light blue cotton supplementary thread.
Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Foster McCarl, Jr.
Acc. No. 1991.609.7
This is a tied-Beiderwand woven, center-seamed coverlet of red, black, and light blue wools and white cotton. Decoupure = 2. It is self-fringed on sides and has an applied fringe on bottom. The two lower corner blocks contain nine squares of cross designs over diagonal lines (snowballs). The bottom and side borders consist of triple repeat of flowers and scrolling lines. There is no top border. The centerfield consists of four roses (double rose pattern) alternating with starbursts. Woven back and forth in the lowermost border is "E + LONGA/NECKER 1845".
Label:The attribution to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania weavers, John Brosey, Sr. and John Brosey Jr. is based upon several characteristics of this coverlet including the cornerblocks of nine snowballs and inscription of the client and date in the lower border rather than in the corner blocks. E. Longanecker has not been identified.
Provenance:Ownership prior to AARFAM's donor is unknown.
Mark(s):Woven back and forth in the lowermost border is "E + LONGA/NECKER 1845".