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Woven Tied Beiderwand Coverlet

Origin: America, Pennsylvania (possibly)
OL: 97" with fringe; 92.5" without fringe OW: 85" with fringe; 77" without fringe
Cotton warp and weft with wool supplemental weft
Bequest of Margaret H. (Mrs. Robert S.) Davies
Acc. No. 1975.609.8
This coverlet is a red and blue single woven coverlet, which is made from two pieces of woven fabric that have been stitched together to form a center seam. The coverlet is woven in a tied beiderwand construction, which has a blue cotton warp with a thinner blue cotton weft, and a red wool supplemental weft. The center ground has alternating rows of two different floral motifs. One of these motifs is a large, 2' circle while the second motif is a small 6" circle. This central ground is surrounded on three sides by a wide border. The border on the two long sides consists of large urns that contain flowers, while the bottom border consists of large floral motifs. There is fringe on three sides. The fringe on the long edges was woven with the coverlet while the fringe on the bottom edge was woven and then stitched to the rolled hem. The top edge of the coverlet has a rolled hem.
Label:Because cotton could not be dyed as readily and as easily as wool, it was often left natural or simply bleached white. This coverlet is unusual in having a colored cotton warp. The medium blue dye was absorbed very unevenly, the resulting striations producing an attractive but probably unintended shimmering effect.
Provenance:From the estate of Margaret H. Davies; ownership prior to the donor's is unknown.
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