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Woven Tied Beiderwand Coverlet

Origin: America, Ohio, Madison Township (Williams Co.)
85 x 73" (215.9 cm. x 185.4 cm.)
Dark blue wool and white cotton with light blue cotton supplementary thread
Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Foster McCarl, Jr.
Acc. No. 1986.609.5
This is a single-woven coverlet of tied beiderwand construction; center-seamed; self-fringed in dark blue wool on sides; and white cotton self- fringe at bottom now largely gone. The inscription in the lower corner blocks reads "J. HEETER./MADISON./TOWNSHIP./WILLIAMS./COUNTY./ OHIO.1856." The borders at sides and bottom of same design, is a repeat of chickens over dotted crescents, a geometric motif appearing between the crescents and the whole over a border of the top halves of 4-lobed squares. There is no top border. The interior consists of a repeat (4 horizontal and 5 vertical) of foliage wreaths enclosing 16-pointed stars with an 8-lobed patterned interior. Stylized floral/foliage sprays separate the wreaths. A red tape encases the top rolled hemmed edge of the coverlet.
Label:The field of this coverlet is nearly filled by the pointed leaves of the foliage sprays that alternate with the circular medallions. The "echo" or repetition of the scant inner edges of the corner block letters presumably was created when Hector widened the side borders in order to make the coverlet fit a specific-sized bed. Heeter's border motif of a sprightly chicken in a swag was used in Seneca County, Ohio (where Heeter wove before moving to Williams County) at least as early as 1839.
Provenance:No history prior to donor's is known. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Foster McCarl, Jr., Beaver Falls, Pa.
Mark(s):Woven into each lower corner block is "J. HEETER./MADISON./TOWNSHIP./WILLIAMS./COUNTY./ OHIO.1856."
Inscription(s):Woven into each lower corner block is "J. HEETER./MADISON./TOWNSHIP./WILLIAMS./COUNTY./ OHIO.1856."