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Indigo Wool Wholecloth Quilt

Origin: America, New England
OW: 97 1/2"; OL 103 1/2"
Wool and cotton (fiber identification by microscope)
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1950-214
This rectangular bed quilt is constructed of indigo blue plain-woven glazed worsted reversing to yellow-gold cotton warp/ wool weft plain-woven textile. The quilting is worked with six to seven worsted running stitches per inch in a pattern that consists of large (11") diamonds created by double lines spaced one inch apart. The larger diamonds are intersected by single lines that form four smaller diamonds within each larger diamond. The edges are quilted about one inch from edge and the edges are finished by being turned in to create a "knife edge." The quilt face and backing are each made of three panels ranging from 32 to 33 inches wide. The batting consists primarily of wool fibers mixed with small amounts of feathers, (which may be contamination from use with a feather bed). The indigo textile is imperfectly glazed, possibly in America. Creases from the folding and pressing process are still visible.
Provenance:The quilt was purchased from Avis and Rockwell Gardiner, dealers located in Connecticut. The quilt may have been purchased locally in Connecticut. In a letter to curator John Graham, July 10, 1950, they described the quilt as being "worn" and "linsey-woolsey."