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Quilt Made from Petticoat

Origin: France
65" x 53" The center section, which would be the front of the petticoat, measures about 32 inches high.
Silk, linen, cotton (fiber identification by microscope)
Museum Purchase
Acc. No. 1952-304
This is a small rectangular whole cloth quilt of yellow silk, probably made from a woman's petticoat, flattened, cut apart, and pieced back together to form a rectangle. The primary design is worked in cord quilting in a pattern of three large symmetrical vases of flowers with additional scrolling motifs filled with individual abstracted flower heads. Between the cord-quilted motifs are straight and curved running stitches creating textural effects. The upper third of the quilt is quilted in parallel zig-zag lines. The quilting is worked with yellow silk running stitches, 6 to 7 per inch. The face fabric is plain-woven yellow silk woven with heavier threads in the weft. The backing is plain-woven natural-color linen, and the filling cords are cotton. The piece is finished all around with later silk plain-woven edging or binding.
Provenance:The vendor, Elinor Merrell, specialized in French textiles, lending credibility to the theory that this is French in origin.